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Kurashiki Design Handsmen Small Box and Sewing Set Cohana Happybag-2022-COHANA-02

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\ All made in Japan /
Sewing necessities, cute waiting needles and needle sashimi are set.

| Set contents |

Kurashiki Supply -Handbags Small Box Tsuga

It is a small wooden box that is convenient to keep things, treasures, and small things you want to use immediately.
How to use it is up to you. You can put your hobby tools, put stamps and seals, put them in reach, or put accessories.
Thinking about what to put in later is one of the wonderful ways to enjoy a small box.
Tsuga is an evergreen coniferous tree classified as a genus pine family.
Slightly soft but straight and close skin.

Size width 12.7 x depth 9.5 x height 8.5cm
Material lumber urethane paint
made in Japan

please note
・ The design of the bracket part is subject to change without notice.
・ Because it is manufactured by hand, the pencil line used during production may remain. note that

Cohana -Kokeshi's needle holder

It is a palm -sized kokeshi with a cute innocent expression.
The interior is a needle mountain, with three needles of Masashirobei Shoten.
A magnet is attached to the bottom so that the needle can be picked up.
Put it in your room and carry it.
Gently snuggle up to your needle work.

Sewing needle 3 pieces Length: 36.4x Thickness: 0.71 (mm)
Material: Main unit: Tree (Mizuki), wool, silicone rubber, neodymium magnet
Needle: Steel

Cohana --Sakura set of a small thread and Iida Mizuhiki set Sakura

A small thread roll
The history of Japanese thread rolls is old, and the large square wooden frame that wraps the spinning thread among some thread rolls is called "Odamaki" and is used for weaving for a long time. It has been popular as a thing.
The old -fashioned thread roll was assembled in a trunk of 5 corners, and a glossy silk thread of white and black that is easy to use.

Iida Mizuhiki's thread
Iida Mizuhiki, which has been handed down to Nagano Prefecture for a long time, is "Ume knot".
The plum blossoms have a good luck, such as the meaning of good luck because the plum blossoms overcome the winter and bloom ahead of the spring, and the bonds and amulet that are tightly tied.
It is finished in a cute gorgeous look that looks gorgeous to handicraft tools.

Shushu's thread roll width 33 x depth 33 x height 35 (mm)
Length of thread: 6m
Mizuhiki's threading length 40 x width 27 x thickness 5 (mm)
The length of the thread 6m
P. size W55 × H63 × D63 (mm)
Weight 87g
[Small sinning of the true chu] body: brass yarn: silk
[Iida Mizuhiki's Itoriki] Pulp paper, polyethylene, stainless steel, aluminum

Cohana -Tonbo ball waiting chestnut

It is made by the technique of "Tonbo ball", which is carefully produced by the hands of each person.
Milphiori (Millefiori: glass parts such as flower patterns), which means thousand flowers designed with a dragonfly ball, are melted in the burner flame and welded carefully.
The needle is made in Hiroshima, famous as a production area, and is smooth on cloth -dori.

Body size: Length: 37 x thickness: 0.5 (mm)
Tonbo ball diameter: 5mm
Package size: W60 × H60 × D3 (mm)
Weight: 3g
Material: Glass, nickel plating, steel

Cohana Iida Mizuhiki's waiting needle Sakura

I made a waiting needle at Mizuhiki.
There are three kinds of lovely Awaji ball waiting needles.

Size: Length: 40 (mm) Thickness: 0.5 (mm) Mizuhiki diameter: 8.0 (mm)
Weight 3g
Material glass, nickel plating, steel, pulp paper, polyethylene, synthetic cloud mother

【please note】
* The set contents cannot be changed.
* Wrapping cannot be accepted.
* The image may cause an error in color and texture from the actual product due to the influence of your browser and display.

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