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Kurashiki Skills Hand-shaped box and sewing set Cohana Happybag-2022-COHANA-02


| COHANA sewing set + Kurashiki Supply Handbag Small Box |
Gute Goute Original
\ All made in Japan /
The necessity of sewing, cute waiting needles and needle stabs are made in limited quantities.

| Set contents |

・ Kurashiki Supply -Handbags Small Box Tsuga

It is a small wooden box that is convenient for keeping things you want to use immediately, treasures, and small things.
How to use it is up to you.
You can put your hobby tools, put stamps and seals, put them in reach, or put accessories.
Thinking about what to put in later is one of the wonderful ways to enjoy a small box.
Tsuga is an evergreen conifer tree classified as a genus pine family.
Slightly softer but straighty and close skin eyes are beautiful.

Size width 12.7 x depth 9.5 x height 8.5cm
Material lumber Urethane paint
made in Japan

Note: Because it is manufactured manually, the pencil line used during production may remain. Please note

・ Cohana -Kokeshi's needle holder
It is a palm -sized kokeshi with a cute innocent expression.
The interior is a needle mountain, and there are three needles of Megumi Hachirobei Shoten.
A magnet is attached to the bottom so that the needle can be picked up.
Put it in your room and carry it.
Gently snuggle up to your needle work.

Three sewing needles length: 36.4x Thickness: 0.71 (mm)
Material: Main unit: Tree (Mizuki), wool, silicone rubber, neodymium magnet
Needle: Steel

・ Cohana -Thin tree rolls

Tochino trees are often used in lacquer bowls, are soft and easy to cut.
A beautiful curve using a toe tree is attractive.
A versatile thread that can be used for various needle work besides buttons.
The holes are holed in the string of the chicken wood, so if you pass through a string or bracket, you can enjoy it as an accessory such as scissor keeper, necklace, and earrings.

Thin color: white
Material: Body/wood thread/100 % polyester
Size: W65 x H65 x D8 (mm)
Weight: Approximately 4g

・ Cohana -Iida Mizuhiki's thread

We have created a gathering with the motif of "Iida Mizuhiki", which has been handed down in Nagano Prefecture for a long time.
Mizuhiki's motif is "plum knit".
The plum blossoms have a good luck, such as the meaning of good luck because the plum blossoms overcome the winter and bloom ahead of the spring, and the bonds and amulet that are tightly tied.
It is finished in a cute gorgeous look that looks gorgeous to handicraft tools.

Package size W60 × H60 × D3 (mm)
Weight 4g
Material: Pulp paper, polyethylene, stainless steel, aluminum

・ Cohana -Pink cushion of Ojiki and hinoki

Hinoki pink cushion
A pedestal with a round shape.
Inside, the needle is easy to stab, and there is a batting that is hard to rust the needle.
Color: Sakura
Material: pedestal: Tree (cypress) fabric: silk cotton: polyester tag / string: cowhide

Ojiki waiting needle
A toy "Ohajiki" that has been handed down since ancient times in Japan.
I missed somewhere and made a needle with a beautiful appearance.
Each of the small -colored holes' waiting needles is lovable, and one by one is carefully made so that needle work is a more enjoyable time.
Size: Waiting needle length: 37 x thickness: 0.5 (mm) (the length of the needle is slightly different depending on the welding.)
Ojiki diameter 5 x thickness 0.2 (mm)
Material: Glass, nickel plating, steel

・ Cohana -Iida Mizuhiki's waiting needle Sakura

I made a waiting needle at Mizuhiki.
There are three kinds of lovely Awaji ball waiting needles.

Size: Length: 40 (mm) Thickness: 0.5 (mm) Mizuhiki diameter: 8.0 (mm)
Weight 3g
Material glass, nickel plating, steel, pulp paper, polyethylene, synthetic cloud mother

【Please be careful】
* The set contents cannot be changed.
* The design of the bracket part is subject to change without notice.
* Wrapping cannot be accepted.
* The image may cause an error in color and texture from the actual product due to the influence of your browser and display.

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