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Cohana -High quality handmade tools by regional industry and crafts
Linenkros Sashiko Kit Seven Treasure Tsunagi
Fabric Forest / Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture NONA / Suginami -ku, Tokyo

This is a sashimi kit made of high -quality linen woven in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which is famous for Enshu textile.
Even beginners can easily enjoy the tailoring cross as the design just stabs the design.
The Enshu region is blessed with warm climate and rich nature, and has flourished as a production area for the three largest cotton fabrics in Japan since the Edo period, Senshu in Osaka and Mikawa in Aichi.
The linen woven by a small craftsman is a gem that conveys the tradition and technology of the inherited Enshu textile.
The cloth street when stabbing a needle is good, featuring the texture and rich expression unique to natural materials.

The linen cross prints the pattern of the sashimi with a special ink that disappears with water.
The design is a design that arranges "Shichiko Tsunagi".
It is said that the circle of "Shichiko Tsunagi" overlaps and symbolizes "harmony", "harmony", and "overlap edges".

In order to make use of the texture of linen's natural material, we are particular about the sashimi thread, and combined with plants dyed thread.
With a tassel charm with a small handmade.
The cross is a 50cm square, so it depends on the idea of ​​wrapping it, making a cover or rug.
Please enjoy a handmade linen life with Cohana.

set content
One linen cross
About 18m sashimi yar
One sashimi needle
1 tassel with a hand
How to make 1 recipe
Cross size: about 50 x 50cm

Color: Kinari/Mokutan

Package size W130 x H160 x D40mm
Weight 82g

Sashiko Cross: Linen
Thread: Cotton needle: steel
Tassel with a hand: Cotton / polypropylene / stainless steel
made in Japan

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