cohana Anniversary limited edition color lacquered Seki sewing scissors


Anniversary limited color - lacquered Seki cutting scissors
[Aichi] Ebara Lacquer Works / [Gifu] Hasegawa Knives

The release date isJune 27this.
You can purchase it, but please note that it will be shipped after the release date.

To commemorate the 7th anniversary of the opening of Cohana Nihonbashi main store, we will be delivering the popular scissors "Lacquered Seki Cutting Scissors" in limited colors.
Cohana's five basic colors are expressed in soft, pale colors.
These cutting scissors have a luxurious lacquered handle and are easy to handle and have a stable cutting edge.

Production area

Lacquer and gold makie | Ebara Lacquer Works/Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
A lacquer factory founded in 1970 in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.
We mainly do lacquer painting and production of Buddhist utensils and zushi for temples and homes. Recently, in addition to Buddhist altar fittings, we are also planning and producing various lacquered works.

Cutting scissors|Hasegawa Knives/Seki City, Gifu Prefecture
His cutlery maker was founded in 1933 in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, one of Japan's leading cutlery towns.
Products born from the outstanding technology and extensive knowledge cultivated over our history have reliable quality and a pleasant sharpness like no other.

45-327 Kisuisen
45-328 Rose color
45-329 Water Asagi
45-330 Tsuyuku dice
45-331 Fukagawa Nezu

Body size: Total length: 210 x Blade length: 80mm
Package size: W98 x H32 x D230mm
Weight: approx. 215g

Paint type: Urushi paint
Body: Stainless steel, ABS resin
Case: Cowhide/brass
Tassel: polyester

■Please be careful
・This is a limited edition product for the 7th anniversary of Cohana Nihonbashi main store opening. Quantities are limited.
・The main body design and packaging are subject to change. 
・The dimensions and weight shown are approximate. There may be differences from the actual product.
・Due to the effects of your browser and display, the images shown may differ in color and texture from the actual product.

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