COHANA Kohana Sailfish Tools


I made a bag type. It is good to carry outside as it is, and it is also a learning.
It uses the No. 11 of paraffinization to make a firm shape and finish it.

Woven in Kansai, dyed and processed and sewed at the machining center of Osaka.
It is a bag that is easy to carry.
Separate-selling small objects are colons.
Three of the tools are sizes and it can be used as a partition.

All pockets are on the outside, as it is assumed to enter small objects inside.
Seven pockets are attached and are rare form covering the outside.

Cotton (paraffin processing)
Tag: Cowhide
Tassel: silk
made in Japan

■ Sailfield tools
Production area: Osaka (Osaka City)

Taking advantage of durable and light canvas, it is ideal for creating a sense of presence, such as forgetting to wear.
It is a brand of the original bag to work in Osaka in Osaka all of the design and sewing.

Color: Kinri-Bankaru / Kinri, Mizuhashi / Mukotan, Kishin Sen / Makotan · Tsuuroro

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