COHANA Kohana Sailfu


Woven in Kansai, dyed and sewed, durable and light canvas with dodden and processed and sewed at the machining center of Osaka.
Colon form.

Separate tools This low-time part is included in the size of three and the sizes are sized and it can be used as a partition.

The canvas use color variation abundant, eighth.

■ Sailfield tools
Production area: Osaka (Osaka City)

On a person = 102 = Ichimarni
"To people", change reading, "Ichimarni".
The feeling that "people" to "people" are welcome to create "for people".
Taking advantage of durable and light canvas, it is ideal for creating a sense of presence, such as forgetting to wear.
It is a brand of the original bag to work in Osaka in Osaka all of the design and sewing.

Cotton (weakly repellent processing)
Tag: Cowhide
Cashime: Iron

made in Japan

Color: It's a good thing Sei Sei Mizuhashigashi Tsukasai Broad

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