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Wooden mosaic pencil sharpener - hemp-leaf pattern

Hakone wooden mosaic work creates many designs by bringing the colors of many different types of natural wood together and to life.
We have used pure wooden mosaic work to create a delicate hemp-leaf pattern and create a refined pencil sharpener.
The hemp-leaf pattern carries the meaning of being a charm against evil spirits, as well as of wishes for children to grow up healthily. It is a traditional Japanese design that has been familiar since long ago.
The cutting ability of the sharpener is obvious from one look at the pencil shavings.
They do not end halfway, but keep coiling in a splendid way.
You can use this not just for charcoal pencils used in handicraft, but also for color pencils and pencils, giving it an extensive range of use.

Model number
45-142 White
45-143 Brown
Size: Diameter: about 50mm Height: about 35mm
Package size: W80×H44×D80(mm)
Weight: about 62g
Materials: Main body - wood (katsura tree, dogwood, walnut); pencil sharpener - steel, nickel alloy, styrol resin
Made in Japan

■Please note
As natural wood has been used in this product, the color or grain may vary from item to item.
Please do not get the product wet.
Please remove pencil shavings quickly. Leaving them there leads to internal stains.

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