COHANA Kohana Awaji tile needle brushed needle KG-HYS-45


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Awaji tile needle is easy to polish

Hyogo Prefectural Awaji Island, which is blessed with high quality soil, is a production area of ​​leading tiles in Japan. With rich soil and craftsman skills, we made "needle and needle to polish" with the flower motif in Awaji tile.
Awaji tile origin is 1610 years. The tile was created for the castle, and then developed with the architectural rush of the Edo period.
Awaji tile has some kinds of ways by making, and this needle of flowers is the "pottery tile" that the needle of the motif is grilled with glaze. The color of the glaze is different from baked expression. Each individual has glow, and finished the colorful needle to add flowers to the hand work time.
You can put a magnet in the needle and you can put a needle on the flower. When brushing the needle, insert slowly from the needle tip to the side hole, and then press and polish it to improve the cloth.

■ 甍 (Irakato) / Awaji tile
Production area: Hyogo Prefecture Minami Awaji (Awaji Island)
South Awaji City, Awaji's tile production area, Tatsui, South Awaji City, South Awaji City, has been aware of the manufacturing method of the 1950 established lining, and using the island material, tiles and accessories and miscellaneous goods are created.
I search for tiles that can be colored everyday everyday.

Product Size Length: 40 (mm) thickness: 0.5 (mm)
Package Size W78 × H23 × D52 (mm)
Weight 42g
Material pottery and nylon non-woven fabric (with abrasive grain) · polyethylene · magnet · acrylic · suede · wood · nylon · urethane
made in Japan

Model number
45-260 Mizusashi
45-261 Tsukuro

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