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The history of Japanese thread winding is old, and a large square wooden frame thread winding wound with a few thread rolls is called "苧 ring (Omaaki)", and it is familiar to be used for aircraft weaving (rawness) It has been familiar as anything.
The old-fashioned thread roll was combined with a 5 mm square brass, and it wound with an easy-to-use white and black glossy silk thread.
The production of yarn winding is a Toyama Manufacturing Office, located in Toyama Prefecture, famous as a casting town.
The technology to be handed over for 400 years is widely known as a traditional crafts Takaoka copper, and Takawa Manufacturing Co., Ltd. makes use of the traditional technology and manufactured a small Buddhist tool mainly for home altar.
It was finished in the high-tailed appearance of the highlight of the accuracy and polite finish polishing technology.
Its tuft, and the silk yarn is good to have a small tuft and a tube. Boofu Boob Marimo in Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
Beautiful finish that has been manually rolled up is just craftsmanship.
Since there is a cut that inserts the end of the yarn, it can be replaced by the favorite yarn and used.

Body: Brass
Yarn: silk

Package Size W55 × H63 × D63 (mm)
Yarn length about 6 m
Weight about 86g

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