Cohana Kohana White Nameshi Leather Drawstring


"White Lameshi Leather" refers to a person and an eco-friendly leather that is made of plant tannins extracted from plants without using chemicals.
The leaked leather is finely finished in the beautiful white leather and staining from white leather and dyeing it to a clean color.
A clean Cohana color stained, the purse of white lick leather is used to use it, the more tasteful taste, and the drawing of the leather that comes with attachment.
Formes like sobbed sweet potato, spread as the flowers bloom if they loose their strips and make accessories.

■ Shine Lameshi Leather Drawstring-Yoshikawa Leather Industrial Office (Hyogo Prefecture Tatsuno City)

Yoshikawa Leather Profession, which specializes in white leather, a 1955 founded in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture is Tanna * started with the creation of white brace used for volleyball.
It is a belief that does not regret.
※ Treating "skin" which is an animal skin tissue and processed as a "leather" that can be used as a material.

Material: Body / Cowhide Cord / Cotton (Waxed) Button / Trees

Size: W104 × H64 × D103 (mm)
Weight: about 83g
Color: It's a good thing Sei Sei Mizuhashigashi Tsukasai Broad

made in Japan

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