Cohana Kohana Wave Saki Magnet Spool


It is a pottery spool.
Spools are thread windings, winding tones and windings for wounding screw threads, strands, roles and lines, and thin films for textiles.
Because the magnet is built-in and catches needles and clips, it can be used as a clip holder as well as a pincushion.
There is a taste with exquisite glaze (dust) that makes use of the texture of baked and its rustic texture.
Color is 5 color development of Cohana. It is a cute magnet spool that makes you want to collect all colors.

■ Magnet spool of Hasaki Saki
Ishimaru porcelain
Production area: Hasaki-cho, Nagasaki Prefecture

Hasaki-cho, Nagasaki Prefecture with lots of.
Hasaki Hasaki with a history of about 400 years has been actively manufactured from the Edo period and has been familiar with many people as a common instrument.
It is a pottery spool (yarn wound) made by collaboration with the founding Sobunaru pottery and Cohana, which is a crawling in Hasami-cho.

Package size (differs from the size of the main unit)
Weight: 75g

Pottery / Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet / Fuerto

Color: It's a good thing Sei Sei Mizuhashigashi Tsukasai Broad

made in Japan

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