Cohana Kohana Bending Wedpet Box


We combine "bending woppy" and "embroidery frame" and made beautiful tool box of wood grain. Removable partition.
The lid was cross-stitched to feel the warmth of the hand.
The embroidery frame is 12 cm and 15 cm of two patterns.

■ Bending Walker Tool Box Box Embroidery 12cm / 15cm-Mockats × Futaba Industry (Tottori Prefecture Yatsushi-gun, Nara Prefecture Ikoma City)

"Bending Walking" and "Embroidery", which make a thinly scraped cedar or cypress. The hand of the craftsman and the elasticity of the tree, the straight wood grain, and the beautiful wood curve is drawn.
"Bending Walking" has been fabricated by Mockats, who turned from furniture workers to the vageacher to deliver the high quality of Tottori and Tomizu Sugi to the whole country. He studied in the instructor who has learned in the main field and Akita and protects certain quality, and is fully demonstrated.
"Embroidery frame" uses the two-leaf industry of Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture. One product that is committed to domestic is also used by professional embroidery writers.

Material: wood, brass, cotton

Embroidery 12cm: W143 × H92 × D147 (mm) Weight: about 249 g
Embroidery 15cm: W172 × H70 × D176 (mm) Weight: about 295 g
Color: Koharu Aoi

made in Japan

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