COHANA Kohana floating paper small box color pencil 6 colors


We used Echizen Japanese paper "floating paper" that pursued your own paper making, and made a barbed casket.
Some of the small boxes have a well-established pencil manufacturer in Tokyo, and a fine color pencil made by a Camel pencil manufacturer.
We are committed to a compact size to carry together with a matching "Horizontal opening of the floating paper".

If you remove the casket inside, you can use cards, clips, buttons and threads.

■ Mountain Paper Station (Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture)
The floating paper is characterized by the irregularities on the surface, and it is a unique Echizen Japanese paper that Yamanomi Paper Station in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture is broken. We will create unique beautiful unevenness in the process of making Japanese paper.

■ Camel pencil manufacturing office (Arakawa Ward, Tokyo)
The Camel Pencil Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 1955 in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, is a Japanese leading long-established pencil manufacturer specializing in writing instruments.

Material: Box / Paper, Cowhide, Urethane Color Pencil / Pigment, Wax, Wood, Polyester
Six colors (Kishin · Bankaro · Mizu Easagi · Tsuyukauro · Boiled Boiled · Kuro)

Box color: Kishi Sen · Boiling · Mizuhashigi · Tsuyukauro · Boiled

Package Size: W70 × H200 × D110 (mm)
Approximately 40 g

made in Japan

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