COHANA Kohana southern Tetsuke


A phrase of a button motif made with a southern iron device characteristic of thin unevenness of the cast skin.
The culture with the motif of the button can also be used as Western-sorted, bookstopper, paper weight, pen.

Stacking and stacking can be done, and it is asleep as you use.
If you stack your color, your desk wife is gorgeous.
Please look for a combination of your favorite color.

■ Minami Ironstream
Captain casting
Production area: Iwate (Oshu City Mizzawa Ward)

In 1975, "Southern Tetsuke" received certified from the first time as traditional crafts.
In Iwate Prefecture, which was blessed with a rich resource and the water transportation of the Kitakami River, casting has been developed since ancient times.
Currently, the tradition is inherited by the area of ​​Mizusawa and Morioka, and castings produced in these two areas are called "southern iron unit".
Located in Mizusawa, casting started from Taisho 5 (1916).
We cherish the heart of the challenge to make the traditional technology new and continue suggestions.

Button hole: diameter 9mm
Weight: about 360g
Material: cast iron

made in Japan

Color: Kishi Seba Mizuhashi Tsukuro Sakuro Sakuro

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