Cohana Kohana Kokura Textile Pincushion SET-Ogura Woven Needle Set KG-SET14


COHANA-Ultra-quality handmade tools from regional industries and crafts
Hariyama set of woven Ogura

To the elegant appearance pin cushion, it was aligned sewing needle and dress pin, a thread. This is useful for small needlework.
The same as the pin cushion, wrapped in small pipe dream of Kitakyushu traditional fabrics "Ogura organization", is a stylish set.

Pin cushion and small furoshiki, and premium Kokura organization.
Small applesauce can be used as a handkerchief.
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set content
Hariyama of woven dress pin and Ogura of cloisonne
Hand-stitched needle set thin ground-common place
Wolf winding of Toshino

P. size W100 × H145 × D100 (mm)
Weight 115g
Material [Cloisonne of the dress pin and Kokura woven Hariyama] dress pin: silver, cloisonne glaze, glass, nickel plated steel squares: wood (cypress) Fabric: Cotton Filling: polyester tag: Leather
[Hand sewing needle set thin cloth] needle: Steel Case: paper tassels: silk polyester
[Pincushion of horse chestnut] Body: wood Yarn: Polyester
[Small applesauce] cotton

made in Japan

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The dimensions and weight of the display are standard. There may be an error with the actual product.
The image of the published image may cause an error in color and texture with the actual product due to the impact of your browser and display.

Of-Cloisonne dress pin and Kokura woven Hariyama of
Because the needle tip is sharp and dangerous, please be careful about the needle and handling of the needle.
Waitnesses are likely to have a variety of sizes and patterns.
If you pull the glass part strongly, you may get out of it.
After use, wipe off sweat or fat etc. to prevent rusting.
Please note that if it is used other than sewing, it may cause damage or injury.
The nature of the fabric, it may be pitting the dough and prick a thick needle.
Please note that needle is not Shimawa sunk into a pin cushion.
This product is a needle-stick only. Please do not use in otherwise.
Because of the natural wood, the coffin may have a difference between color and wood grain. Please enjoy as a texture of natural materials.
Storage in high temperature and humid places, direct sunlight, and high temperature rapid drying may cause cracks, janish and mold.
There is that sticky out tar component of cypress. Once you wipe with alcohol, sticky will take.
Since the leather tag is using leather, it may be more or less expansion and contraction. If you get wet with water or sweat, it may cause color loss and stains.
Keep out of reach of infants.

· Hand-sewing needle set
Because the needle tip is sharp and dangerous, please be careful about the needle and handling of the needle.
Wipe off sweat, fat etc. with cloth after use.
Do not use other than sewing.
Keep out of reach of infants.

· Toshino's thread winding
Wounds and dirt are familiar with lightly wiping with oil and cream for wood products, but if you are concerned, please polish lightly along the wood grain.
Do not place in places where direct sunlight and place to be hot, and moisture. It may cause discoloration, deformation, mold.
Keep out of reach of infants.

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