Cohana Kohana Paperboard Tool Case SET-A tube box to be a tray and a bamboo set of brasses KG-SET15


COHANA-Ultra-quality handmade tools from regional industries and crafts
Takeka box and brassetary set of tray

A tacket of a cylinder box with paper warmth and functionality, and a bamboo line with a brass that increases the texture as it uses.
A set of stationery you want to give to men.

It can also be used as a small sewing box.
Two places are built in two places in the insole.
Gif trapping wrapped with a small bathroom with the color of the cylinder box.
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set content
Tool putting of cylinder box to be tray
Bamboo Taipei 15cm of
10 clips

P. Size W75 × H55 × D240 (mm)
126g weight
Material [Tool of tube box to be tray]
Paper, polyester polyurethane, brass, brass, rubber, neodymium magnet [Bamboo tape kaikai] brass
[Lip] steel wire (brass plating)

made in Japan

please note
The dimensions and weight of the display are standard. There may be an error with the actual product.
The image of the published image may cause an error in color and texture with the actual product due to the impact of your browser and display.

· Tube box
White spots may be seen on the surface, but the paper is characterized by the paper used, and there is an individual difference in how to enter.
Fasteners and rubber strings may be damaged if it is too pulled too much.
Since the munet is built in the insole, please use from what is affected by magnetic, mobile phones, electronic devices, etc.
As it is made paper, please do not get wet.
Do not place in places where direct sunlight and place to be hot, and moisture. It may cause discoloration, deformation, mold.
It is considered to improve durability, but on the material, it may be damaged and deformed if a hard or sharp object is scratched or strong friction, and a strong impact is applied.
The solution is applied to reinforce the paper cut. Please note that it may be discharged on the back of the lid on the material.
Do not put heavy things from above.
Keep out of reach of infants.

· Bamboo line of brass
The tint is darker enough to use due to aging, and the texture will increase.
Do not brush with metal abrasives (such as metal polish) or polishing cloth. The paint of the vine may peel off.
Do not leave moisture or acidic. It may change.
Green rust (green blue, rolling) may occur during use. It is non-toxic and harmless, but if you are worried, please clean as follows. Place the same amount of salt with the same amount of salt into the vinegar and rub it directly into the place where green blue is generated and pull it off. After that, wash with a neutral detergent and dry well.
Please be careful not to get injured at the end face or corner of the ruler.
Pressing and sliding the end face or corner of the ruler can cause dough breakage and color transfer.
Do not use under high temperature. There is a risk of burns.
Long-term abutment with ruler curved is caused by deformation.
Please note that it will cause damage if you drop or shock it.
Keep out of reach of infants.

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