Cohana Kohana Haibara Chiyodai 5 embroidery needle set contains 5


Cohana -High -quality handmade tools by regional industry and crafts

Embroidery set wrapped in Haibara Chiyo paper
Haibara / Nihonbashi, Tokyo

A durable, supple, and good needle made in Hiroshima, which has a history of more than 300 years as a needle -producing area.
It has been carefully made with delicate technologies without changing since the days when craftsmen were manufacturing by hand.
The needle suitable for each application was set as an assorted set and wrapped in "Haibara Chiyo Paper".
It is also recommended to make a gift together with the "Haibara Chiyo Paper Embroidery Set", which uses the same Chiyo paper as a wrapping.

--- 3 types of needles ---

Sashimi needle
A long needle is recommended for a large needle pattern, and a short needle is recommended for fine designs.

Cross stitch needle
Because the tip is round, it is difficult to crack the cloth, the needle hole is large and the thread is easy to pass through.

French embroidery needle
The feature is that the needle tip is sharp. Easy to stab the fabric that is packed with eyes

■ Haibara Chiyodo paper
[Haibara] Nihonbashi, Tokyo
Founded in 1806, it has been running a Japanese paper store since the Edo period in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
At all times, we have been sensitive to the costumes and senses of the city's people, and have devised the design of each season.
Currently, we continue to create original designs based on designs since our founding.

Weight 7g
P. size W85 × H62 × D3 (mm)
Material Japanese paper, stainless steel, aluminum
Part number 45-269

made in Japan

please note
・ Body design and package are subject to change.
・ We manufacture each one by hand. Please note that the size varies.
・ The dimensions and weight of the display are a guide. There may be an error from the actual product.
-The image listed may cause an error in color and texture from the actual product due to the influence of your browser and display.

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