Cohana Tool Box Cychana Tray tool


COHANA-Global Handmade Tools by Regional Industry and Crafts

Tool putting of cylinder box to be tray
Chikamori (Kunan City, Kochi Prefecture)

Machine and people with breathing, old-fashioned paper box creation requires skilled craftsmen technology.
With that technology, it made a cylindrical tool in a light and convenient to carry.
Once the paper cylinder box is opened, it is easy to take out the contents and will be an open tray that is easy to work.

Because the magnet is built into the insole, it is possible to store it without a clip or a barbaring, and if it is placed on a metal desk, the tray is snaped and stable, and stable usability.
Small tools in Cohana also fit beautifully.
It is a good-looking tool with paper warmth and functionality.

■ Box
【Chikamori】 Kunan City, Kochi Prefecture
Founded in 1926.
We sell "wolf" and manufacture "paper box" in a small town of Kentan City, Kochi Prefecture.
The paper box is still manually done as long as the paper is manually worked, and the paste box is now fishery, and a bargain box is also manufactured.

Size W207 × H38 × D40 (mm)
Weight 44g

Paper and polyester polyurethane, brass, brass, rubber, neodymium magnet

made in Japan

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