Cohana Cohanna hand -dyed Japanese paper project bag


A "project bag" is a convenient bag for carrying works such as knitting and storing works and tools.
It features inner pockets and card rings in various sizes.
Taking advantage of the lightness of Japanese paper and the characteristics that are durable and hard to break, it is tailored to a bag that is easy to carry.
The craftsmen carefully dye each piece with the traditional Japanese colors, and the tailored bags are engraved with Japanese paper -specific "wrinkles" and the texture increases.
The inside color is also beautiful and eye -catching.

Size: About 220mm in width, about 220mm in height (about 350mm in height), about 120mm in depth
Weight: Approximately 63g

Body: Wood pulp, polyolefin fiber, pigment
Tags: Cowhide
Kashime Snap button: Iron
Card Ring: Soft Steel Wiring Works (Nickel Plated)
made in Japan

■ Please be careful
The more you use it, the more wrinkles peculiar to Japanese paper will come out. Please enjoy it as a texture.
Do not wash or wash with water.
If you approach an iron or high temperature thing, it may deform.
It is a material that is hard to remove dirt. Please be careful when handling.

* Please see the PC page for details such as functions and sizes.

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