PILOT Kana Atsushi 50ml Autumn leaves Ink-50


Iroshizuku |

Write pleasure and fun, colorful ink series.

Iroshizuku with color
There are many beautiful nature and scenery in Japan, and there are also very beautiful names.
Iroshizuku-Color 雫 (い ず) series is a colorful ink created from its beautiful scene.
Write and enjoy your pleasure to you.

Autumn leaves INK-50-MO
Matsuyoshi INK-50-SY
Bamboo charcoal Ink-50-TAK

Typical annual penetration aqueous ink
Capacity 50 ml
Package Size W88 x H97 x D38 mm
Weight about 310 g

"Color" is a bottle of bottle-free bottles.
Wear a converter, soak the pen tip into the ink to the neck and use it with each inhalation method (rotational inhalation type push).
(* Comptor is not included)

※ Plunger Inhalation Organization Fountain Pen is inhaled directly to the main unit.
※ It is a written ink such as the fountain pen and pen. If you use it for other applications, problems may occur.
※ Be sure to read the "Usage Manual" bundled before using.
※ Depending on your PC / mobile environment, the color of the ink on the screen may be visible differently.

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