Rakui HANA MEMORIES Stamp Memory Curtain


Lakui Hana Kui Hana Stamp
Memory curtain

The afterimage of what was previously in front of the eyes is like a curtain around his bangs, and feels like it is shaking with Yura Yura.
My awareness is sitting with the nose and sitting and always caring for the curtain.
I feel like I'm always looking for a slippery clue in the afterimage and thinking.
In order to live in hope without dropping the feeling in the abyss.

You can connect and push the pattern.

The handle has a printed copyright printed.
It is a testimony that Lakui spent a time and was born from the soil that has been cultivated.

Size: W 60mm, D30MM, H30mm
Material: MDF (recycle wood), red rubber

★About red rubber ink
"Red rubber" is a rubber material compatible with water-soluble ink for general plain paper.
Therefore, it is unsuitable for "special ink" to seal the glossy paper, metal, leather, etc., and "red meat" using pigments.

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