RAKUI HANA fruit basket stamp set 5 types

This is a stamp set with five types of stamps drawn on the theme of fruit in a paper box designed with a net basket.

set content

Cherry pie
Also known as "Peace of Cake" easy! It has the meaning of.
Size: 28 x 20 x height 29mm

Apple rabbit
The love that someone feels like the fruit cut.
Size: 35 x 20 x height 29mm

Lemon attack
Originally, it was simply entitled "lemon", but I renamed it as a hint that the person who tagged on Instagram is a "eyes crushing stamp" and is a hint (just changing the name. It changes)
Size: 28 x 28 x height 29mm

Jam toast
I drew it because I like the jam spreading. It's sparkling.
Size: 35 x 28 x height 29mm

The English "fruit" seems to be "achievement" in addition to fruits. With the hope that the girl is harvesting in the picture, not only fruits but also something "good results".
Size: 27 x 48 x height 29mm

Specifications of outer box
Material gray board paper / print printing
Box size: Approximately W100mm x D66mm x H31mm
Hanko material: red rubber (seal surface), superwood (recycled wood)

* About red rubber ink
"Red rubber" is a rubber material compatible with water -soluble ink for ordinary paper.
For this reason, it is not suitable for "special ink" for sealing surface processed glossy paper, metal, leather, etc., and "red meat" using pigments.
* Package design is subject to change without notice.

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