Clipboard & Paper Set Refill Refill Type Women Rabbit Memo Rakui Hana OEDA LetterPress Rabbit Day


Gute Gouter Original
Clipboard & paper
Typewriter Rabbit | Mail rabbit
Hana Rakui X OEDA LetterPress

* The release date is March 1st.
You can purchase it before the release date, but please note that shipping will be after March 1.

The second collaboration project!
In conjunction with the 2024 rabbit day campaign held at our shop, Hana Rakui, a popular printman, drew two cute rabbits.
Both seem to be informed, "Don't forget what you wrote here."
But ... the engraving is cute, and it seems to look back at the illustration instead of a memo.

Following the label book, it was "Oeda Logo Room" who carefully finished it.
If you trace Rakui's soft illustration with your finger, it will be dear to combine with the thick paper texture.
After all analog is good.

About clipboard & paper set
Board paper clips can be separated because they are not fixed.
And ... at the bottom of the board, I pressed the Gute Gouter character.
The set paper is only "Typewriter Rabbit".

C-1 clip board & paper set
Package size about 115x165x11mm
Clip Color: Bronze (color close to pink gold)
Paper: 30 type rabbit rabbit
Engraved color: Ash

Package size (common) about 90x150x8mm

CR-1 typewriter 50 pieces
Engraved color: Ash

CR-2 Mail with 50 rabbits
Engraved color: Bronze

made in Japan

※please note
Because it is made of paper, it may be deformed if you put it for a long time in a place with strong moisture or in direct sunlight.

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