RAKUI HANA Seal Set Small prints and Ranko stamps seal collection


Small prints and Ranko stamp stickers collection
RAKUI HANA / Rakui Hana

Not only match the postcard pattern, but also put the picture to the place you want.
A total of 4 sheets, 2 sheets. In addition, there are two colors of Ranbo (= Landsel Bota) foil stamping seal, a symbol mark of Rakui Hana.

Print seal
Material: High -quality paper / re -peeling is possible
1 piece size: width about 32mm x 30mm
Seat size: Width 111mm x height 105mm
Set contents: 2 types x 2 sheets

Run -up seal
Material: Japanese paper / re -peeled (the same material as masking tape)
1 piece size: 25mm in diameter
Set contents: 4 pieces x 2 sheets (gold leaf 1 sheet + 1 aurora foil)

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