Sailor Surramine Ink Fountain Bottle Bottle Ink Hollow Color Sailor-K-01


Surpentering Ink Into Botenced Bottle Ink

Color changes depending on the time elapsed and writing.
It is a mysterious ink that looks glimpse of dark and bleeding.
Color that imaged the sky that changes so that the color is smiled.
Color lineup is all nine colors

It is an ink that looks like a glimpse of color and bleeding, etc., and the color changes even if it is time elapsed and writing.
Conventional products mainly made changes in the color that occurred by using specialized paper, but "Yura-to-place ink" can also enjoy the change even with general high-quality paper.
Differences when writing on various paper, and different facial expressions depending on the passage of time, so it can be enjoyed as a fountain pen or a glass pen, etc. It is a new ink.
Each ink is a unique color that imagines the expressionful sky that changes to smile color.

| Development |
When developing the ink studio 224,252,280 by paper, "color change is too intense, and it is difficult for normal paper or normal paper, and it is difficult to commercialize without settling and difficulty." There were several colors.
The project has been started for commercialization, taking the color of that time.
"Yuromu ink" was a challenge that "smiling" colored colored color.
Repeated trial production with internal members and Ishimaru, but it became a completely different color with adjustment of less than one drop of solution, and it was not a color that was quite aimed.
It became a corona swirl, and the exchange was also extremely difficult.
The color of the sample is changed in the number of days from writing, and the color seen by the fluorescent lamp at home is different, "This green is" "This green is" "Yeah?" .
The color to be imaged was conveyed in images and words, and repeated trial preparation, and the color of the candidate has finally matched, and from the inside, 9 colors were selected especially from that.
There are each feature, such as color that changes from the moment you wrote, and various colors, such as a glimpse of glimpse, and every color is really fun.
By all means, I hope that you can empathize the fun of the ink and the fun.

Kitsune Biyori: 13-1529-201
Storm (Amamoyoi): 13-1529-202
White night (byakuya): 13-1529-203
Extreme night (KYOKUYA): 13-1529-204
Extreme light (KYOKKOU): 13-1529-205
Frosty (ITEZORA): 13-1529-206
Kangyou: 13-1529-207
Seki (SEKI): 13-1529-208
Yoi: 13-1529-209

Ink: Aqueous dye
Capacity: 20 ml

Body size: W34XD34XH58mm
Body weight: 94.0 g
Package size (paper box included): W37.5 × D37.5 × H61mm
Package Ikal weight: 100g

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