Sailor fluctuating ink bottle ink for fountain pen sky blue heart Sailor-K-01

Fluctuating ink bottle ink for fountain pen

A glimpse of different colors for shades and bleeding,
It is also ink where the color changes depending on the passage of time and the writing paper.
In conventional products, the color of the color caused by using special paper was mainly changed, but "fluctuating ink" allows you to enjoy changes with general high quality paper.
The difference when written on various paper and different expressions depending on the passage of time, so you can enjoy not only as a fountain pen ink, but also a wide range of color changes using a pens and glass pens. It is a new ink.

The color lineup is all 9 colors + 2nd new color added!

[ First shot ]
A color inspired by the sky that changes so that the colors fluctuate.
The color lineup is 9 colors in total

Fox Day (KitSune Biyori): 13-1529-201
Rain (Amamoyoi): 13-1529-202
White Night (BYAKUYA): 13-1529-203
KYOKUYA: 13-1529-204
Kyokkou: 13-1529-205
Froof (Itezora): 13-1529-206
KANGYOU: 13-1529-207
Evening (SEKI): 13-1529-208
Night (YOI): 13-1529-209

[ Second edition ]
Color that imagined the "heart" that changes like a new color fluctuation
We adopt a lot of dark colors and clear colors that change colors quickly.
It is a lineup of all 5 colors.

Hanagokoro: 13-1530-201
Sukigokoro: 13-1530-202
DateGokoro: 13-1530-203
Kokoroguma: 13-1530-204
Playing heart (zaregokoro): 13-1530-205

Ink: Water -based dye
Capacity: 20ml
Body size: W34XD34XH58mm
Body weight: 94.0g
Package size (paper box): W37.5 × D37.5 × H61mm
Package entrance weight: 100g

| Development |
The color changes depending on the paper, and when the ink studio 224, 252, and 280 were developed, the prototype was removed because "the color changes are too severe and the color is not calm and it is difficult to commercialize it even on normal paper." There were some colors.
The project started to be reproduced by the ink blender Ishimaru at that time, and the project started for commercialization.
"Fluctuating ink" was a challenge to commercialize "fluctuating" colors.
I repeated the prototype with Ishimaru with the in -house members, but the adjustment of less than one drop of a dropper made it a completely different color, and it was not quite a color that I aimed for.
Meanwhile, it became a kolona whirlpool, and the exchange was even more difficult.
The color of the sample changed depending on the number of days since I wrote it, and the color that could be seen differs depending on the fluorescent light at home, so there were many exchanges such as "This green" and "Eh? Brown?" 。
I conveyed the color I imagined in images and words, and repeatedly had the prototype again, and finally the candidate color was aligned, especially "fluctuating".
Each color, such as the color that changes from the moment of writing, and the color that can be seen in various colors in the shade, is really fun.

By all means, I hope that you can sympathize with the fun of the flickering ink.

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Beautiful grey ink. It starts out light but darkens in seconds.

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