Sailor limited world tea time #3 Moroccan mint tea bottle ink for fountain pen


World Tea Time #3 Moroccan Mint Tea

Series on the theme of traditional cafe culture in the world
There are 6 types of lineups: 3 types of fountain pen, 2 types of ballpoint pens, and one fountain pen ink.
The motif is the culture itself, including not only drinks but also tea utensils.

Tea time in the world is Moroccan mint tea.
In Morocco, there is a habit of drinking mint tea on a daily basis.
It is a tea made by adding mint to green tea and extracting it and adding sugar as you like.
When entering a customer, a metal pot "Bed" and a glass "Keisan" with an exotic pattern are often used.

Ink water -based dye
Capacity 20ml

Body size W34 × D34 × H58mm
Body weight 94g

Paper box
Size W37.5 × D37.5 × H61mm
Weight 100g

* Reservoir is not included.
* If the inner lid of the lid comes off, do not discard it and use it inside the lid and use it. It will prevent ink leakage.
* Please use it with a sailor fountain pen. There is no guarantee in the case of a problem with other companies' products.
* Depending on your PC and mobile environment, the color of the ink on the screen may look different from the actual screen.

Ink converter is required to replenish a fountain pen.

For ink ink of fountain penInk converterI need

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