Tachikawa Premium Set Shell Fish Glass Pen PSSH01


Tachikawa Tachikawa Pin Manufacturing
Premium Set [Shellfish]

Specially polished brass plating finish, 3 types of pen tips with reservoir bar.
Three colors of dye ink that can be written immediately with a handmade glass pen axis carefully created by a craftsman.
It is a gem recommended for gifts and gifts.

It is a set that allows you to enjoy the pen pressure even with dye ink, taking advantage of the know -how of the pen tip that continues since its founding.
The pen rest is a combination of the same pattern as the glass pen shaft.

Comic, calligraphy, tsukage pen in general

* These applications are just helpful, so please use them properly according to your style and habit.

set content
3 types with pen tip brass plating reservoir
Pen axis hard glass 1 (free size)
3 colors of dye ink
1 Penrest hard glass

Box size width 187x height 30x depth 98mm

* The glass pen axis has individual differences due to the production.
* Package design is subject to change without notice.

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