TO-MEI HAN Clear Stamp Small TOMEIHAN-04 Hamburger Cream Soda


To-Mei Han
A clear stamp made by photo polymer enables realistic expressions that are not possible with conventional rubber stamps and silicon stamps!

■ Small mushrooms
It is a small size stamp.
Even if it gets small, the realism remains the same.
Some of them are full of cuteness.
It is pretty even if you are alone or stamped.

■ Tower stacked burger
The buns are sandwiched between tomatoes, lettuce, pickles onion, and hamburgers.
You can stack the hamburger ingredients as much as you want.
What should be noted is cheese.
Because it is a clear stamp, you can bend and stamp freely.
Single, double ... You can enjoy it with the hamburger as much as you like!
The potatoes of garnish are also real.
Finally, insert the flag into the buns and complete.

■ THE Cream Soda
"THE Cream Soda" that makes you enjoy various patterns, surprise you every time, and makes you happy.
Please also for greeting cards and collages.

■ Showa Cafe Small
Nostalgic sweets and light meals.
Feast as a child still reminds me of special emotions.
Stamp on various paper and immerse yourself in the Showa feeling.

■ Cat rally
11 Nyanko and others. It is about 1cm, but it is very elaborate.
A notebook type stamp for task writing is also included.
Stamp the balloon stamp to the cat!
It is cute even if you write your feelings and speak to the cat.

■ Cat postman
It is a set of Nyanko 2 poses, postal code frame, fare mail mail stamp, etc.
For postal code frames and accents for paid paid stamps.
Put cat and sleep.
A dignified hat and a mailing lodgace are also included.
You can also stick a plain drawing paper or various cardboard.

■ Jakuchu
"Tiger figure" by Jakuchu Ito, a strange painter from the Edo period. It is a famous tiger as a ferocious animal, but the tiger drawn by Jakuchu is somewhat adorable.
The lovingness has been reproduced with "TO-MEI HAN multi-colored".
Push the red color of the tiger and the iconic bello and the red color of the iconic bello to make the Jakuchu tiger map!
How about creating New Year's cards and poochi bags?
Parts such as Fuji and sunrise are also included.

Case size (common) about 60x90mm
Weight (common) about 30g
Includes a convenient case for storage and management.


Precautions for use
・ The photo polymer clear stamp “To-Mei Han” has a high reproducibility and is very good for ink wearing, but it is delicate, so please use it carefully.
・ Stamp should be stored in avoiding direct sunlight.
・ Use stamp ink for ink.
・ If you keep the ink or cleaner on the stamp for a long time, it may deteriorate.


What is To-Mei Han?
・ To-Mei Han is a clear stamp made of transparent photo polymer that can be repeatedly pasted and peeled off.
Fine designs can be formed and sealed compared to the rubber stamp. You can reproduce a minimum of 1pt (0.35 mm) line drawing.
・ Because the stamp is transparent, you can stamp to the position you want.
As a result, it is possible to seal the multicolored design neatly.
・ Store compactly in the attached case. The title is stamped on the back, so you can take it out without hesitation.
TO-Mei Han and acrylic stands can be stored separately.

How to use clear stamps Step4
1. Remove the clear stamp from the seat.
2. Paste on the acrylic block
3. Put the stamp ink
4. Press it on paper

* Acrylic block is required to use a clear stamp.
Click here for the acrylic block for clear stamps

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This is one if not my favorite clear stamp! The detail it has and the look is amazing!

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