To-Mei Han Clear Stamp · Pattern Pochi Bag [West] Cat L Cat Tomeihan-06-kg

To-Mei Han, Pattern (Koto Gala)

A clear stamp made of photopolymer is enabled in traditional rubber stamps and silicon stamps enabled!

| V A R i A T i O N |

· Pochi bag [West]
It is a 10 kinds of stamp sets, such as watercraft "Awabetsu" used in West Japan and the words of Kansai.
It may be stamped in the pot, may make a pot bag from the colored paper themselves.
Please make a seal with your thoughts.

· Replacement stamp Nono
Clear Stamp Characteristics The back surface tackiness, it is a replacement stamp using it.
Use invoices, delivery books, quotations, and receipts in the space in the box of stamp in the stamp.
By adding a slight sense of feeling to the business scene, the sense of distance with the client is also close to the clients?


Case size (common) about 60x90mm
Weight (common) about 30 g
It is a case that is convenient for storage and management.


Cautions for use
· Photo polymer clear stamp "To-Mei Han" is highly reproducible and is very excellent in ink meat, but it is delicate because it is delicate.
· Stamps should be stored and stored in direct sunlight.
· Please use stamp ink.
· If you leave ink or cleaner for a long time in the stamp, it may deteriorate.

About TO-MEI HAN |
· To-Mei Han is a clear stamp made of transparent photopolymer that is repeatedly attached.
Microscopic patterns can be formed and sealed compared to rubber marks. You can reproduce a minimum of 1 pt (0.35 mm) line drawing.
· Since the stamp is transparent, you can stamp to the desired position.
This makes it possible to seal the multicolor design beautifully.
· Storage compactly in the supplied case. Because the title is sealed on the back, you can take out without hesitation.
TO-MEI HAN and Acrylic Table can be stored separately.

Clear stamp usage STEP4
1. Remove the clear stamp from the sheet.
2. Paste it on the acrylic block
3. Ink stamp ink
4. Push the paper

* Acrylic block is required to use clear stamps.
Clear stamp acrylic block is here
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