To-Mei Han Acrylic Block Acrylic SET TWO ST-01 for Stamp

Acrylic SET Two

Two types of magnitude acrylic sets.
Please use as a pedestal of the clear stamp.

I was a voice that I wanted a small stamp or a combination of an acrylic set for stamps to be put in combination.

Cross patterns and dot patterns are alternately sculpted with 5 mm steps on the acrylic surface.
Take advantage of clear stamp attachment and sealing.

Size (approx) 55 x 59 mm out of 55 × 29 mm
Case size about 60x90mm
About 50 g of weight
A dedicated case comes with a dedicated case.

About TO-MEI HAN |
· To-Mei Han is a clear stamp made of transparent photopolymer that is repeatedly attached.
Microscopic patterns can be formed and sealed compared to rubber marks. You can reproduce a minimum of 1 pt (0.35 mm) line drawing.
· Since the stamp is transparent, you can stamp to the desired position.
This makes it possible to seal the multicolor design beautifully.
· Storage compactly in the supplied case. Because the title is sealed on the back, you can take out without hesitation.
TO-MEI HAN and Acrylic Table can be stored separately.

Clear stamp usage STEP4
1. Remove the clear stamp from the sheet.
2. Paste it on the acrylic block
3. Ink stamp ink
4. Push the paper

There is also another size

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