TO-Mei HAN Multolned lemonade Music Ready Lemon (with acrylic) Spring Flower Carnation Clear Stamp


A clear stamp made by photo polymer allows you to make realistic expressions that are not possible with conventional rubber stamps and silicon stamps!

Ready lemon (with acrylic)
Setouchi lemon clear stamp.
* Only this product comes with an acrylic block.

Spring flower carnation
It is a message stamp set of three large carnations, two small carnations, and easy -to -use for you.
It is good even if you press it in one wheel or even if you press it multiple times to make a bouquet.
Please use a message card or envelope.

Lemonade mood
It is such a stamp that arrives the color of the drink, is surprised by the different performance every time with the angle and ice expression of the straw.

Case size (common) 61x91x9mm
Includes a convenient case for storage and management.

* Acrylic blocks are sold separately other than direct lemon.

Precautions for use
・ The photo polymer clear stamp “To-Mei Han” has a high reproducibility and is very good for ink wearing, but it is delicate, so please use it carefully.
・ Stamp should be kept in avoiding direct sunlight.
・ Use stamp ink for ink.
・ If you keep the ink or cleaner on the stamp for a long time, it may deteriorate.

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