TO-MEI HAN Multicolored Layered Fresh Apples with Acrylic TA-09 Clear Stamp


TO-MEI HAN Multicolored layered fresh apples (with acrylic)

With photopolymer clear stamps, it is now possible to create realistic expressions that are impossible with conventional rubber stamps and silicone stamps!

Case size approximately 60x90mm
Weight: approx. 30g
Comes with a case that is convenient for storage and management.


Precautions for use
・The photopolymer clear stamp "TO-MEI HAN" has high reproducibility and is very good at inking, but it is also delicate, so please follow the instructions and use it with care.
・Please store the stamp away from direct sunlight.
・Please use stamp ink.
- If you leave ink or cleaner on the stamp for a long time, it may deteriorate.

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