TO-Mei HAN stationery tool box sewing tool box tools tool box clear stamp


A clear stamp made by photo polymer allows you to make realistic expressions that are not possible with conventional rubber stamps and silicon stamps!

| Variation |

Tools of tools New NEW!

Stationery tool box
A lot of nostalgic stationery used as a child to trendy stationery!

Sewing tool box
A lot of sewing and knitting tools!

Case size (common) about 95x97x9mm
Weight (common) about 40g
Includes a convenient case for storage and management.


Precautions for use
・ Stamp should be kept in avoiding direct sunlight.
・ Use stamp ink for ink.
・ If you keep the ink or cleaner on the stamp for a long time, it may deteriorate.
・ In addition, please check the notes on the back of the package before using.


| What is to-Mei han |
・ To-Mei Han is a clear stamp made of transparent photo polymer that can be repeatedly pasted and peeled off.
Fine patterns can be formed and sealed compared to the rubber stamp. You can reproduce a minimum of 1pt (0.35 mm) line drawing.
・ Because the stamp is transparent, you can stamp to the desired position.
As a result, it is possible to seal the multicolored design neatly.
・ Store compactly in the attached case. The title is stamped on the back, so you can take it out without hesitation.
To-Mei Han and acrylic stands can be stored separately.

How to use clear stamps Step4
1. Remove the clear stamp from the seat.
2. Paste on the acrylic block
3. Put the ink for stamps
4. Press it on paper

* Acrylic block is required to use a clear stamp.
Click here for the acrylic block for clear stamps

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