TO-MEI HAN Shiachihata Iroomoyo Warabe Stamp Odai Set TOMEIHAN-SET01 Shachihata


TO-Meihan X Iroomoyo Warabe
A clear stamp made by TO-MEIHAN's photo polymer, which can express a realistic expression, and a stamp pad "Iroomoyo Warabe", which can get a beautiful seal with a delicate pattern, is now set.
Notebooks and message cards are cute.

| Variation |

■ Things that are included
To-Meihan illustration stamp x8
Acrylic block 35x35mm x1

Iroomoyo stamp stand 3 colors
Sand color
Coral (Sanugoiro)
Taki -Sairo (Tokusaiiro)

■ Things that are included
To-Meihan illustration stamp x6
Acrylic block 35x35mm x1

Iroomoyo stamp stand 3 colors
Mandarin color
Cypress skin (Hiwadaiiro)

■ Things that are included
To-Meihan illustration stamp x20
Acrylic block 35x35mm x1

Iroomoyo stamp stand 3 colors
Ryoki (Tokiiro)
Matsubairo (Matsubairo)
Silver (Ginnizuiro)

Size (common)
Package case size about 106 x 97 x 22mm
Weight about 90g
Iroomoyo board size: 25 x 25mm

Precautions for use
・ The photo polymer clear stamp “To-Mei Han” has a high reproducibility and is very good for ink wearing, but it is delicate, so please use it carefully.
・ Stamp should be stored in avoiding direct sunlight.
・ Use stamp ink for ink.
・ If you keep the ink or cleaner on the stamp for a long time, it may deteriorate.


| Iroomoyo features |
Introducing the comments of TO-Meihan designer
"Iroomoyo" is a cloth with pads, so it seems that the supply of ink to the stamp is more uneven than other stamp ink (sponge), and it seems to be printed strongly.
In addition, it seems that it is difficult to get more than a certain amount of ink, and there is little clogging of ink to the concave of the stamp, and I think that it is best compatible with our detailed stamps.


What is To-Mei Han?
・ To-Mei Han is a clear stamp made of transparent photo polymer that can be repeatedly pasted and peeled off.
Fine designs can be formed and sealed compared to the rubber stamp. You can reproduce a minimum of 1pt (0.35 mm) line drawing.
・ Because the stamp is transparent, you can stamp to the position you want.
As a result, it is possible to seal the multicolored design neatly.
・ Store compactly in the attached case. The title is stamped on the back, so you can take it out without hesitation.
TO-Mei Han and acrylic stands can be stored separately.

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