Traveler's Company

Traveler's COMPANY Spiral Ring Note A6 Slim Rule MD White


It is a notebook using original written paper, MD paper that pursued writing.
MD paper pursues and developing ease of writing with various writing instruments. It is a paper that is hard to do with a fountain pen or a bonus.
The simple and natural texture cover contains a resin and uses durable impregnated paper. Suddenly, a palm icon with a white paper is engraved. is an easy-to-carry size that enters the pocket.
A white paper with a pleasant writing from a ballpoint pen or pencil to a fountain pen. Page 200 more. Always carry and write anything free carefully.

Spiral Ring Notes are created by single books by booking.

Menware / MD paper, no 10 pieces (page 200), spiral ring bookbinding (silver)

Body / H154 × W95 × D18mm


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