Traveler's Company

Traveler's Company Spiral Ring Note A6 Slim Paper Pocket


All pages are paper pocket notes. You can carry out the paper and tickets such as shop cards and tickets that you get on the road. In addition, the paper uses the original writing paper, MD paper of design fill that pursued writing skills, so the gravity is also excellent.
The simple and natural texture cover contains a resin and uses durable impregnated paper. Changaroo icons featuring pockets are imprinted casually. is an easy-to-carry size that enters the pocket.
If you always carry and collect paper things you got, it will be a note that only a daily record is packed.

Spiral Ring Notes are created by single books by booking.

Blank sheet / MD paper cream, 16 sheets (32 pockets), spiral ring bookbinding (gold)

Size: Body / H154 × W95 × D18mm

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