Traveler's Company

Traveler's Company Spiral Ring Note B6 Watercolor Paper


It is a notebook using a watercolor that is strongly colored in water.
A little thick watercolor paper used for animation backgrounds, etc., as well as watercolor, it is also recommended to sketches with pencils and pens and collages such as photos and tickets.
The simple and natural texture cover contains a resin and uses durable impregnated paper. Suddenly, the swan icon with the silent paper white paper is marked.
A small sketchbook is just a good size to expand and draw on the cafe table. Please feel free to draw and draw a lot of people and scenery.

Spiral Ring Notes are created by single books by booking.

Menware / Watercolor Paper, 10 × (page 40), Spiral Ring Books (Silver)

Body / H130 × W193 × D18mm


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