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It is a brass fountain pen that makes it easy to carry when it is compact and easy to use when writing. It is a charm as a quality tool produced by Japanese craftsmen as well as the texture of the brass which changes greatly and changes. The top has a ring with hooks and strings attached. It is also possible to use without clip.
Please insert it into the pen holder of traveler's notes, throw it in your pocket, and feel free to carry it anywhere and anytime and use it as a partner of the travel of life. With a change in the shades of brass, a bit of scratch will also become more flavored and more attractive.
It includes black and blue black cartridge.
Learn how to use fountain pen and how to replace cartridge.

The surface of the brass is oxidized, and it changes into a soft color with a deep taste, and it produces a unique atmosphere. In addition, since there is no surface treatment to enjoy the material and aging of brass material, there is a slight scratch on the surface. It is not worrying because the color change changes while using.

Package / h38 × 112 × D19mm body / diameter × H102 mm

Pen tip: steel, character width f
Cartridge included

Ink cartridge replacement method of fountain pen -
Step 1: hold the tip of the pen and turn it off in the direction 1. Remove the inkless cartridge straight in the direction of (2).
Step 2: push the tip of the cartridge into the direction of the direction of the direction of the cartridge.
Step 3: it takes some time until the ink comes out.

How to make fountain pen -
In order to use comfortably for the fountain pen and roller ball pen, it is the best maintenance to use every day, but when the ink comes out or the ink color is changed, and if you do not use for a while, please wash the pen tip in the following manner.
Many of the causes that the fountain pen and the roller ball pen cannot be written are caused by the ink flow hindering inside the pen tip, and the ink flow obstructs. In that case, please try cleaning the pen tip first.
Step 1
Hold the tip of the pen in the hand and turn it off in the direction of (1).
Remove the inkless cartridge straight in the direction of (2).
Step 2
Put the tip of the pen in a cup of lukewarm water, and leave it in the water soaked for night.
Step 3
In addition, please wipe off the water with soft cloth or tissue paper. After removing the water, set the cartridge.

- handling notes for fountain pen -
Please do not use this product other than for writing.
Please do not place this product out of reach of children.
Please note that if you put too much power in writing or dropping it will cause trouble.
If you do not write, please close the cap.
If you want to set the cartridge for the first time, please use this by putting the cartridge into the tip of the cartridge with a small amount of fingers.
The ink cartridge is recommended for use with a dedicated TRC fountain pen. Please note that depending on the type of ink will cause clogging and damage.

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