POSCA UNI Sine Pen Extreme thick square core White PC17k1


Posca Unicin Pen
A bright color like a poster color
White | Extremely thick acupuncture PC17k1

Because it is opaque ink, it develops vividly in black and dark colors.
It is also possible to write repeatedly.

Extremely thick core PC17k1
Size about 27x158mm
Weight about 70g

please note
・ If the pen tip is dried, the ink will be worse. After use, be sure to complete the cap completely until there is a slick sound.
・ Inks that are difficult to absorb inks reduce the ads of the ink.
・ If the ink of the pen tip is separated and transparent, use the ink with a tissue before use.
・ The image posted may cause an error in color and texture from the actual product due to the influence of your browser and display.

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