ZEBRA MILDLINER BRUSH Mile Liner Brush 5 Color Set


ZEBRA MILDLINER BRUSH Mile Liner Brush 5 Color Set

Features of MILDLINER Brush
It has 25 colors that are easy to see even if you decorate it in your notebook, and you can choose the color according to your taste and purpose.
This is the same ink color as the zebra line marker "Mile Liner".
It is a brush -type marker that can write cute coloring and letters.
Because it is both ultra -fine, it can be used properly according to the application, such as when you want to write a large place or when you want to write it in a small place.

It is a gentle and gentle ink.
You can easily decorate the letters in the notebook without disturbing.

| Color introduction |

Mild mild 5 color set

Slightly fluorescent 5 -color set

Shibu Mild 5 Color Set

Familiar mild 5 color set

Suitable mild 5 color set

| Package changes |
The purchased items will be shipped from the old package, but will be switched to new packages sequentially.
Customers cannot specify the package design.
Please understand.

Line marker
Ink water -based pigments
For brush and extra fine

Size maximum diameter 11.5mm x total length 148mm
Weight 10.5g
The thickness of the line is extremely fine 0.5 to 0.7mm
Case size about 150 x 58 x 11mm

* The color of the written line may differ from the actual writing line depending on the browser or display settings.
* Package design is subject to change without notice.

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