ZEBRA MILDLINER Mile Liner Animal Series Single


Mile Liner Limited Animal Series (single item)

Adopt illustrations of Green Flash brand!
Mile liner limited pattern of animal motifs popular with stationery girls
It is convenient because it has both marking and lines that are easy to use, and thin characters that are easy to use for figures and illustrations.

Ink water -based pigments
Thickness of the line 4mm / fine 1.0 to 1.4mm
Cotton style
Thick and small


[Aquarium] Bright and cool color with pastel tone
Mild pink (Wooper looper) /WKT7-AS-MP
Mild cool gray (polar bear) /WKT7-AS-MCGR
Mile Driach (otter) /WKT7-AS-MLL
Mild Blue Green (Frog) /WKT7-AS-MBG
Mild soda bloom (penguin) /WKT7-AS-MSOB

[Zoo] Warm tone color that feels the earth
Mild Dark Blue (Hedgehog) /WKT7-AS-MDB
Mild olive (panda) /WKT7-AS-MOL
Mildsmoke Blue (Shibirokou) /WKT7-AS-MSB
Mild gold (sloth) /WKT7-AS-MGO
Mild Dusty Pink (sheep) /WKT7-AS-MDP

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