ZEBRA Clickart -Clickart -Picture Book Series Red Riding Hood Three Snowbuta Bremen Music Corps


ZEBRA Clickart -Clickart -Picture Book Series Red Riding Hood Three Snowbuta Bremen Music Corps

Features of Clickato
1. Developed "moist keep ink" that contains many moisture -absorbing ingredients that absorb moisture in the air.
Depending on the change in the humidity in the place, the absorption and evaporation of moisture are repeated to maintain a moderate state, so the pen tip can be continued without drying. (*1)
2. It is an easy -to -use knock -based water -based color pen. When the cap is opened and closed, the ink gets dirty, and the complaint is that you forget to close the cap and the ink is dry and cannot be used.
3. Even if it is removed from a dark color such as black with a light color, the dark color does not bleed. (*2) Even if the color is repeated, it can be painted neatly and the illustration is beautifully finished.
4. Because it is a knock type that can be used immediately, changing the pen is easy.
*1 ZEBRA test: Temperature is 20 ° C. After use, be sure to store the pen tip.
*2 The effect may be different depending on the drying condition of the written line, the paper quality and environment used.

| Variation |
Red reddesting
Baby Red WYSS22-EH-BBR
Light Carki WYSS22-EH-LK
Cocoa Brown WYSS22-EH-CE

Three fids
Pale Rose WYSS22-EH-PR
Sota Blue WYSS22-EH-SB
Blueberberoo Ice WYSS22-EH-BBI
Sand beige WYSS22-EH-SBE

Bremen music squad
Light Brown WYSS22-EH-LE
Blue Black WYSS22-EH-FB
Red Orange WYSS22-EH-ROR
Turquoise Blue WYSS22-EH-TB

Children who read picture books
Black WYSS22-EH-BK

Water -based sect pen
Ink water -based dye
Size maximum diameter 10.4mm x total length 149.7mm
Weight about 8.0g
The thickness of the line 0.6mm

* The color of the written line may differ from the actual writing line depending on the browser or display settings.
* Package design is subject to change without notice.

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