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Cotori Cotori Rubber Stamp One Piece Girl STP01


Cotori Cotori
Rubber stamp

I made the illustration as a lavar stamp as it is.
It is just the right size for a notebook and one point of the message card.
Please find each way of enjoying each.

On the side, the logo of Cotoricotori is pressed.

Rubber version Hanko writer
[Cotori Cotori]
A popular writer who is producing rubber version stamps and paper miscellaneous goods in Ehime Prefecture.
She is good at motifs such as girls and cats.

Involuntarily stopped at a retro atmosphere and colorful color scheme somewhere.

Cotori Cotori Rubber Stamp

B-2 One Piece Girl
H-2 girl waving hands
H-3 pocket
H-4 Writing girl (whole body)
H-5 Looking back girl
H-6 chasing girl

Size (common) about 30x40x22mm
Weight about 20g

please note
・ Body design and package are subject to change.
・ The dimensions and weight of the display are a guide. There may be an error from the actual product.
-The image listed may cause an error in color and texture from the actual product due to the influence of your browser and display.

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