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Kishu Ichiichi

We use Mino Washi and enjoy a gentle texture.

| Variation |

23-863 Forest
The scenery in the forest is drawn.
A nice design, like a scene of the story.

23-864 BREAD
A simple and stylish design with delicious bread.

23-885 Grassland
Animals and flowers running around the grassland are drawn.

23-886 Star
Beautiful and tranquil design depicting landscapes and animals.

Specifications (common)
Mino Washi Ichigo
4 patterns 5 pieces
20 pieces

Introduction of Mr. Kasuyoshi
Mr. Kishu, who has been active as an illustrator and as a painter.
You may have been in charge of a famous writer's binding painting, drawn a picture of the event poster, or surely see Nishi -san's picture somewhere.
Nishi -san's pattern is a warm and cute design that makes you like it at a glance.
The motifs include creatures such as birds and horses, and familiar motifs such as bread and fruits.
However, if you look carefully, you will feel the tranquility of the delicate brush touch and the depth of the color, not just that, but the heart.
There may be a reason for Nishi -san's paintings to capture the hearts of many people deeply and keep them away.

please note
・ Body design and package are subject to change.
・ The dimensions and weight of the display are a guide. There may be an error from the actual product.
-The image posted may cause an error in color and texture from the actual product due to the influence of your browser and display.

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