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Drip Coffee Drip Bag 10g 1 cup for medium thinning ORI CAFE Shop Humming SHOP HAMMING


Oricafe attached to the studio made the original blended coffee with the No. 1 order rate to DRIP BAG with Art Package.
It is a musician series with a chic atmosphere that does not stop the original paintings by Humming creators, and an artist series with no excitement.
It is a dish that will be pleased not only for your reward, but also for a little gift for an acquaintance who likes art.
Please enjoy it.

"Bach", which is also called the father of music
It is an illustration that focuses on the texture of the hairstyle and the sharp gaze to music.

"Mozart" called genius
The elegant costumes and hairstyles of the time were gorgeous.

"Beethoven", which was honored as an easy saint
What does the eyes staring at one point think about it? Pay attention to the expression of surrealism.

"Frida Carlo", which features eyebrows
The pink color is pop and cute.

"Michelangelo" known as a great sculptor
It is a dish that can not be said to have a slightly sorrowful expression.

"Picasso", called the leading artist in the 20th century
Eyes that cannot be imagined what they are thinking enhances surrealism.

"Raphael" is popular with elegant expressions
It is an attractive illustration with a gentle and calm expression projected on the work.

"Van Gogh" that influenced many artists
The sorrowful eyes and the departure have been moved.

Product name: Regular coffee (powder)
Raw Bean Producer Name: Colombia, Brazil and others
Contents: 10g (1 cup)
How to save: Avoid hot and humid and store in a cool place.
Precautions for use: Use as soon as possible after opening.
How to ground: Medium -thin ground
Illustrated by: NPO Corporate Hiki Gakuen Work continuation Support B Type Humming belong to: Mai & Daiki

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