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Coaster set ori ori 4 pieces of texture Oshu handmade


Ori ORI coaster set 4 sets

A handmade coaster set using a hand -woven machine.
I use "Tali Saori", which is characterized by the fact that you can weave as you like.

Ichinomiya / Oshu thread carefully selected for the thread used.
It is a dish that has been well received by the color and texture of the thread.

Please enjoy a set of 4 coasters.

It is a named Oshu thread, which is known as the world's three major woven fabrics, along with the British Hudders Field and Viera in Italy.
The thread of [Oshu], which was born from the rich water and natural environment of the Kiso River, mainly in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, is developing with high -quality and high -performance wool.
Among them, it has been well received by the high design by adopting [Kasuri -dyed] thread, which is characterized by gradation.

Material: blend
Size: Approximately 13cm x 9cm
(Please note that an error may occur about 1.5cm because it is handmade.)

please note
Since all products are one -point product, there are some distortions and size errors.
The fray may occur due to the thread getting caught.
Please cut it yourself for fraying of the weft.
Since it is a delicate work, please do not apply strong force or pull.
If dirt is applied, we recommend that you wash your hands and iron with a fabric.

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