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Knot Cards

When you want to send a seasonal greeting, a thank-you letter, or other words of appreciation to an important person, why not use a card with a mizuhiki motif for good luck?
The mizuhiki knot has the meaning of "connecting people with each other.
We have a total of four types of cards with the auspicious motifs of "plum," "pine," and "crane," which can be used in any season, plus the beautiful Japanese spring flower "cherry blossom," and a total of three types of Mother's Day-only cards to express your gratitude.

Type: Message card
Item No:
CARD-1 Plum blossom
CARD-2 Pine
CARD-3 Crane
CARD-4 Cherry blossom
CARD-5 Carnation 1
CARD-6 Carnation 2
CARD-7 Heart
Size : Postcard size
Attachment : 1 card and 1 envelope made of trailing material
MIZUHIKI : Beautiful Japanese quality MIZUHIKI is used.

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