KNOOPWORKS Masking tape to/from 15mm MT-22


Knope Works Masking Tape

Masking tape
Cut off with the sewing machine, from 〇〇, from 〇〇.

026_today is |
What day is it today?
It is also recommended to use it as a notebook, but also write and put it on "opening date ○ month ○ day" and "purchase date ○ month ○ day".
It can be used with plenty of about 78 times.

027_month | Month
Write the moon and use it.
As a schedule, it is also recommended to put something you want to manage by monthly, such as the sorting of the receipt, such as the sorting of the receipt, and the items you want to manage each month on a clear file or bag to use it for labeling.
The rules such as "20xx years ○ month" and "○ monthly collection" are determined and organized.
It can be used with plenty of about 78 times.

15mm width maste that can be written

Masking tape is hard to come! For those who say
It is an item that you want to use happily every day.

・ It can be written with a water -based pen or ballpoint pen.
・ Because it contains the sewing machine, it can be torn neatly by hand.

Size: 15mm width x5m

[Precautions for use]
・ Responsure for a long time in a hot and humid place where direct sunlight hits.
・ Please store the remaining tape in a bag.
・ Do not put it in a place where infants can reach.

* Package design is subject to change without notice.

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