KNOOPWORKS Stamp Message STP-27


Knope Works Message Stamp

please take care of yourself
Combined with flower stamps and both hands stamps, it is a message stamp that spreads to letters and cards.

Handmade for you
For handmade works.
It is recommended to use it together with flowers and needle work stamps.
For wrapping and message cards.
It is a message stamp that expands how to use it.

I Hope You Have a Wonderful Day
May it be a wonderful day

I Wish You All the Best for Your Future
I wish you good luck

HERE'S A Little Something for You
It's a small and a little thing, but please
Follow a little gift.

Size (common) 40mm x 12mm x tataki 24mm

* Package design is subject to change without notice.

About the specifications of the rubber part
Until now, it was stuck on the entire surface, but it has been changed to the specifications that have been cut off the excess end of the rubber surface.
(By changing this specifications, the extra part of the corner is difficult to get ink when pressing).

The purchased products will be shipped from the old specifications.
Customers cannot specify the specifications.
Please understand.

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