OSCOLABO Summer Stamp Roofing Pallasol


Summer tradition
Speaking of summer, the motif of a minimal shape and Moyou's stamp.

F-N001 floating ring
F-N002 parasol

Thickness x width x length 21 x 21 x 62mm
Material: Rubber (seal surface), tree

About Oscolabo
OSCOLABO is a laboratory of Hankoya Co., Ltd. (LABORATRY = Lab) in Hankoya Co., Ltd. in 1923.
Oscollab also means "pushing" a stamp and a collaborative work (collaboration) to create something new.
Instead of being completed by pressing, the ideas and ingenuity of the person who got the stamp are added, and what never before is created in this world ...
I want to provide a stamp that can be the hint and material.
In addition to the newness, the Oscorab will repeat various experiments and continue to explore every day based on long -established technology and tradition.

If you use the ink that can be used for cloth products, the application will be even higher.

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