Oscolabo Stamp Komin Bash Come Kogins


Kogin Hanko
I made kokoko with motifs of mingei embroidery "Kogin sashimi" that has been transmitted to Tsugaru since ancient times (basic way) and creative designs.
Depending on the combination, please enjoy the infinite world.

OSCOLABO is a laboratory (laboratory = lab) of Osco Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1913.
Male collaboration also means "pushing" hanko and creating new things through collaboration.
Instead of being completed by pressing, the action of ideas and ingenuity of the person who got the hanko is added, and things that have never been done before are created in this world ...
I want to provide that hint and a hanko that can be a material.
Based not only on the newness but also on the technology and tradition of the long-established company, Oskolab repeats various experiments and continues to explore every day.

Kogin Hanko
Size Approx. 16.5×16.5mm
Material: Rubber (stamp surface), wood

Use inks that can be used in fabric products for even wider applications♪

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